Things to keep in mind when choosing homecoming attire

Summer has come to an end and this is the time to go back to the school. Homecoming time has arrived and one should be ready for their alumni visit to their high schools and universities.

But before going there, one should very well be prepared about their homecoming dresses. When it comes to homecoming dances, the dress code is mainly semi-formal which means that it has to be either short length dress or a half length skirt. The fabrics can be more casual and one can pair them up with simple jewellery. College and university homecoming dresses can be formal attire which can be full length as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying the dress:

  • Before buying any dress, it is a good idea to check the dress code properly. There are some schools and colleges who are very clear about their dress codes and those are easy to follow. There are other places where the dress code can be subjective. So, one should confirm what they can wear in the event before buying a homecoming dress.
  • Once the dress code is final then one has to know the hem length of the dress as well. One should check whether there are any rules and regulations for that as well. Mostly in case of homecomings the dress length has to be above knee and so they need to be specifically short dresses. One can also go for a wide full skirt if it is allowed because they look lovely when one twirls in it while dancing.
  • When one is buying a zipper dress, one should check whether the zip goes up and down properly. If the zipper does not work easily then one might not feel comfortable to wear that dress in a homecoming event. If one already has a dress in their cupboard which they want to wear and it has a zip, then one can apply a dry bar soap or a bit of a lip balm there so that it can work smoothly.
  • There are many homecoming events were a bolero styled jacket is allowed with the dress and one can just go for a cropped jacket with a cap and short sleeves if they think that the weather is too cold.
  • Apart from looking great, one also needs to be very comfortable in what they are wearing. One should walk around easily, sit smoothly and dance easily is what matters the most. The dress should be such that one should be able to breathe in it. A tight fitted dress may not sound good for a homecoming night because it can suffocate one a lot.
  • Be careful about the innerwear. One should wear something that complements the dress and should also be very comfortable. One should not be wearing something very tight inside as it can be difficult to carry.

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