Why People Prefer Annual Travel Insurance Over Single Trip Insurance?

Now that we know that travel insurance is so very important whenever you are holiday-ing, to ease the burden we could face in terms of finances and expenses. The point is, these travel insurance companies provide different types of coverages and policies targeting the vast number of trips. So, it makes every one of us quite troubled when it comes to choosing the right one. These travel insurances are like family travel insurance, group travel insurance, couple’s travel insurance, etc. But what people seek most are single trip insurance and annual travel insurance.

How They Both are Different from Each Other?

Many happy-go travelers prefer annual travel insurance over single trip insurance, why? The answer is simple; annual travel insurance has travel policies cheaper and more beneficial as compared to single trip insurance. That’s the other talk, the point is how they are both different from each other?

The Annual Travel Insurance or Multi-Trip Insurance is designed keeping in view the target travelers who are not single but in families or couples, and they travel most of the time in the year since the start of the policy. While Single Trip Insurance doesn’t cover the whole of the year, it starts as you go for a trip and ends as you reach back home.

Many people opt for annual travel insurance as it turns out to be cheaper and cost-effective, eventually. However, you would see that single trip insurance is also cheaper but for a single trip. In easy words, if you keep on choosing the single trip insurance policy multiple times in a year, of course, there will be a pile-up of money each time you take a trip. Ring bells? By choosing the annual travel insurance, you can take more than a single trip in a year, all that will be covered in your annual travel insurance without having to pay additional costs.

What Annual Travel Insurance Brings?

Benefit from Annual Travel Insurance Policies is countless, you will be great to know them all. Both annual and single trip insurance have some same coverage, like medical expenses, baggage/luggage, cancellation, repatriation, and personal money. But there are some other benefits which can only be entertained through annual travel insurance, keeping in view its “cheaper” part. See, what it brings.

  • If you choose 45 days Annual Multi-Trip Policy, you can have a free 17 days Winter Sports Coverage.
  • Children below or are 17 years of age and couples enjoy full free coverage.
  • Even people who are 79 years old can avail of this.
  • The individual trip is for maximally 120 days.
  • Full-time emergency coverage without any extra charges and excess levels.
  • Cruises coverage.
  • Schedule airline insolvency insurance.

Travel insurance provides us complete freedom over unexpected financial issues during the trip. So, if you are an always-traveling type person, you should prefer annual travel insurance, not a single trip insurance, as it would be more cost-effective. But if you travel less, single trip insurance is for you.