Explore a different aspect of travelling with these theme hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai, often known as the City of Dreams, is more than simply a busy business centre – it is a phenomenon that everyone should witness. From its magnificent train network, which daily achieves new records – transporting more passengers than any other railway network per kilometre on the planet – to its incredible ways of fostering a population of more than 20 million people that is growing by the day. If you want to experience India’s bustling metropolitan nightlife, Mumbai is certainly one of the best places. The city has got something for everyone, from elegant clubs and bars to edgy alternative and underground music venues.

Talking about food, Mumbai offers great options to lovers of all types of delicacies. Mumbai’s food culture is wide and diversified, ranging from ancient cafes known for their kebabs to famous South Indian restaurants. Mumbai’s Parsi Cafes, vada pav vendors, and other unique cuisine experiences make it a must-visit for every gourmet.

From the fourteenth Haji Ali Dargah to imperial landmarks like the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to modern-day Mumbai stunners like the Bandra Worli Sea Link, the City of Dreams is home to a diverse range of architectural monuments. Every year a considerable amount of the tourist crowd visits Mumbai to experience its rich vibe. Apart from the regular 5-star establishments, there are several themed hotels in Mumbai offering adequate accommodations on the go.

Sofitel Hotel BKC

The Sofitel Mumbai BKC radiates modern luxury, with unparalleled amenities and a prime location. In Neo Art Nouveau style, French culture, and design, the hotel is blended artistically with rich Indian tradition to provide multifaceted culinary, entertainment, and relaxation experiences ranging from flexible, cutting-edge meeting space and Club Millesime to the enchanting SOSPA and poolside facilities.

The hotel is strategically located in Mumbai’s geographical heart and the city’s new financial and commercial district, Bandra Kurla Complex. It provides excellent accessibility to both the domestic and international terminals of Mumbai Airport, as well as South and North Mumbai, the Eastern and Western Express Highways, and most of the city’s major tourist attractions.

Waterstones Hotel

Waterstones Hotel, located only 5 minutes from Mumbai International Airport, embodies the true quintessence of Boutique Hospitality with its elegance. The Waterstones Hotel is distinguished by its distinct architecture, unorthodox architectural features, attention to luxury amenities, and other unique details, all of which contribute to a deeper and more memorable guest experience.

The staff is extremely helpful, polite, professional, and understanding despite the fact that it is such a large property. Everything is easy to find and access and whether it is a busy day for them or an off-season visit, the staff will provide you with the same level of comfort when you return and the management will always find a way to make your stay special.

Hotel Sahara Star

The Sahara Star is home to the world’s biggest pillar-less clear-sky dome, an architectural icon that combines hospitality and entertainment while providing one of the most personalised hospitality experiences. Hotel Sahara Star has 348 well-appointed luxury bedrooms with 25 exquisite suites, including the world’s first ‘hemisphere’ three compound-curved glass panoramic elevators.

The four-screen Barco projection system, VA cameras, ceiling-mounted visualiser, digital congress network system, and multimedia documentation of proceedings are all included in the presidential boardroom’s 77-person capacity. Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades are four well-equipped conference rooms with state-of-the-art amenities and services available around the clock.

The Gordon House Hotel

The Gordon House Hotel offers a lovely location with a variety of services tailored for travellers, providing a perfect blend of value, comfort, and convenience. The Gordon Hotel visitors may easily visit some of Mumbai’s most well-known attractions due to its closeness to renowned locations such as Colaba and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities, such as room service and a concierge, during your stay. Guests of The Gordon Hotel can also enjoy the benefits of its complimentary breakfast.

Svenska Design Hotel

Svenska Design Hotels are part of the Worldhotels 5-star Deluxe Collection and are a group of premium boutique designer lifestyle hotels. The sleek and modern hotel provides a variety of food and beverage options, including a French-style Bistro that is open all day. They provide a variety of complimentary amenities, such as 24-hour private butler service, high-speed Wi-Fi internet throughout the resort, a complimentary welcome drink upon arrival, breakfast in the room, and spa treatments.

The Ambani Hospital, prominent Bollywood studios, retail malls, multiplexes, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops are all within walking distance of the hotel. It is 5 kilometres from Andheri Railway Station and 8 kilometres from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

These are among the best-themed hotels in Mumbai enabling luxurious and affordable stay facilities. The properties convey a special aspect of traditions, customs and architectural design which is also visible in the cuisines served here. They are built on a fun-filled philosophy that can entertain the guests visiting for a staycation or dining.


How to Rent an Affordable Car for Business Travel

Business travellers often prefer renting a vehicle as it allows them freedom to move around the city with ease. There are a number of local companies that offer car rental services throughout Kingston, so it’s an excellent idea for people who are interested in saving money and renting a vehicle that will allow for greater ease of movement.

Before you decide to rent a car for business travel, there are a few important questions that you have to answer. Here they are:

  • How long do you want the car for?
  • What kind of car do you want?
  • Do you plan on making an advanced booking?

The costs of your business travel in Kingston are going to vary based on your answers. If you want to save money on your car rental, here are a few tips that will help.

Check Multiple Options

Instead of making a booking with the first company that you come across, it’s always a wise move to compare multiple options and then make a decision. You need to compare the prices from different companies before making a decision.

Book in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute before you make a booking for the rental car. The prices continue to change depending upon demand, so it’s best that you make a booking as early as possible. Once your trip is confirmed, you can just make a booking for the rental car as well. This will help you save a significant amount in the process.


Into the Woods: The Health Benefits of Camping

When life becomes too overwhelming, it is always a good idea to take a healthy break. When you feel too stressed about your work, your studies, or your responsibilities, you can always take some time off to just liberate yourself from all the stress that you are facing. Camping is one of the most beneficial ways to step away from the stressors in life. When you go camping, you are conditioning your mind and body to discard all the stress you are carrying so that you can simply relax and enjoy yourself.

However, when you go camping, you need to think about how you can communicate with the people you will be temporarily leaving behind. You are, after all, just taking a break. You are not intending to cut off all ties with the civilized world. If you decide to go on a camping trip, you need to make sure that you can still be reached just in case there is an emergency. A good way to guarantee connectivity even in the remotest camping sites is by investing in a reliable satellite hotspot.

This way, you no longer have to worry about whether there are emergencies that you are not aware of just because you cannot be reached. Limit your contact with people during your camping trip if you must. However, it is not advisable to cut yourself off from the world completely.

First Things First

Before going on a camping trip, you need to know where you will go. You have to scout for the perfect place to go camping. Then, you have to decide on the things that you will need to bring. You have to be prepared when you decide to go camping. After all, you will be cut off from civilization which means that you have to rely on your survival skills the whole time you are out camping.

You need to consider important factors such as food, water, shelter, the cold, the rain, and even the heat. You have to bring appropriate clothing, insect repellents, and all other items that you know you will need once you are out in the woods. Remember that you will have very limited access to electricity and civilization in general. Therefore, you must anticipate everything that you will need. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to finish your camping trip.

Why Go Camping?

Camping has a lot of health benefits. The fresh air alone helps relieve stress and clears out most of the toxins in your body. The more you spend time in a place where there are a lot of trees, the more oxygen you can breathe in. When your body has access to a lot of clean and fresh air, you will notice that you will become happier and healthier.

Spending time outdoors also has a positive impact on your blood pressure. Your digestion improves and your immune system receives a good boost. Since you are away from stressors and pollutants, you get to enjoy a stress-free environment and a few days of peace. The healthier you are, the better your moods will be. Once you return from a camping trip, you will feel more refreshed and inspired to handle all the responsibilities you left behind.

Exercise and Meditation

When you go camping, you are expected to engage in a lot of physical exercises. You will be spending a lot of time doing physical activities such as climbing, fishing, and hiking. Camping allows you to burn off calories and become more active. You are keeping your lungs and heart healthy with all the cardiovascular exercise you engage in while camping.

Camping also allows you to meditate because it is a time for you to limit your contact with the civilized world. Being in a remote area will make you feel as if you are very far from all the stressors of the civilized world. You can disconnect for periods but it is also essential to remain reachable in case there are emergencies back home or from where you are. When you are out camping, you are surrounded by nature which can help you meditate. If you are suffering from fatigue, depression, or even chronic diseases such as heart disease and asthma, camping will be able to help relieve some symptoms because of the fresh air and the peaceful ambiance. The exercise helps, too!

Spending time with nature has a lot of health benefits. Therefore, you need to make sure that you allow enough time to rest and relax. You need to get rid of overwhelming stress and pressure because these things are not good for your health. Camping is a hobby that can give you a lot of health benefits. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan your camping trip.


Swimming with Dolphins

Interestingly, one of the top 10 bucket list items is swimming with dolphins across the globe. Swimming with dolphins is known to be a very exciting experience that the majority yearns for. To Swim with dolphins in Jamaica, you can visit Dolphin Cove Jamaica where you can experience a live swimming experience with dolphins and a range of other sea creatures including rays, among other sea life. There are three unique programs including “encounter”, “swim adventure”, and “royal swim” with which you can get to swim with dolphins.

Top 3 places in Jamaica where you can swim with dolphins in Ocho Rios

  1. Dolphin Cove Montego Bay

One of the most popular places in Montego Bay for swimming with dolphins is Dolphin Cove Montego Bay, located 19 miles from cruise port, and approximately 22 miles from Sangster International Airport. This Bay was previously known as Dolphin Cove Negril so that is what most natives may refer to it as.

At Dolphin Cove Montego Bay, you get to enjoy a natural environment with tranquil beaches, sand, opportunities to get a good tan, and a stunning Caribbean scene. With any package for swimming with dolphins in Montego Bay, you can also enjoy an interaction with camels, and stingrays in addition to sear life. There are numerous tourist attractions nearby as well, including the turtle farm, Dunn’s River Falls area, Jamaican coastline, and the Rastafari culture of the people in the nearby town.

  1. Yaaman Adventure and Swim with dolphins in Montego Bay 

Yaaman Adventure Park is another site in Jamaica where you can get to enjoy a wonderful swimming experience with dolphins. It is a tropical oasis which offers a range of activities like a dolphin encounter in Ocho Rios. The park was formerly known as the “prospect plantation” and originated in 1721 as a sugar farm with a very rich cultural history.

At this park you have a range of activities including exploring, adventure, camel interactions, swimming with dolphins, and much more. Here, you can participate in the following activities:

  1. Motor buggies

You can ride motor buggies at high-speed along muddy paths and tropical settings.

  1. Prospect plantations

With prospect plantation, you can travel back in time and enjoy the rich cultural history of Jamaica. You can visit Aviary to enjoy the tropical bird species and enjoy the delectable Jamaican cuisines.

  1. Dolphin encounter

At Yaaman Park, you have the wonderful opportunity of swimming with dolphins, playing with them, and making dolphin friends.

  1. Moon Palace Jamaica

Lastly, Moon palace is another exciting location in Jamaica where you can enjoy much more than dolphin encounters. Book your stay in this Ocho Rios Hotel to enjoy an all-inclusive stay. At Dolphin Discovery you can have a one-of-a-kind experience of swimming with dolphins without even having to leave the premises of the hotel!

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience of dolphin encounter, visit Dolphin Cove Jamaica and have the time of your life with dolphins in one of the aforementioned tourist spots. There are many wonderful activities that you can do during vacations but nothing can compare with the experience of swimming with dolphins!


Things To Know Before Traveling To The USA

The United States of America is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. Be it a trip to watch nature’s glory at the Grand Canyon National Park or to marvel at the manmade wonders like the Empire State Building, people flock to this country from everywhere every year.

So, are you one of those travelers who have been planning to go on the US trip anytime soon? Surely, it’s a great plan! But, there are a couple of things, such as the ones discussed below, that you need to keep in mind before traveling to the US.

Understand The Passport And Visa Situation

Most of the travelers going to the USA will need to have a minimum six months’ validity on the passport. But, citizens from several countries just need to have a passport valid for their length of stay. You should check the government site of your country of residence to know the rules that apply to you.

There is a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) that lets nationals from specific countries enter the country for visitor or tourism purposes for ninety days without needing the visa. Even if you use VWP to enter the country, you will have to apply for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). If you don’t qualify for VWP for any reason, you’ll have to apply for a visa in advance. You should talk to Goldstein Immigration Lawyers in Boston in case you face any issues with your visa situation.

Go For A TSA-Approved Lock For Your Luggage

When you’re traveling stateside, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) enforces strict guidelines for security and safety. All the bags are thoroughly screened. In case any TSA inspectors want to physically inspect your bag, they can break the lock open. You’ll find a note inside the luggage letting you know that this has happened.

Thus, in order to make sure the lock stays intact in your luggage, get a TSA-approved lock that the inspectors can open with a master key, without needing to break your lock.

Know The Etiquette For Tipping In The Country

Tipping in the USA is something that gets most travelers rather confused. “Should I or shouldn’t I?” “How much is too much?” are the common questions asked by travelers. Now, in the restaurants, a tip of about fifteen percent is expected as an unwritten rule. Minimum wages being low in the country, the tips are a crucial part of the workers’ income. Taxi drivers should also be tipped similarly. A tip of one to three dollars per service is also standard for bartenders and housekeepers.

Quick Tips:

  • 911 is the US emergency number
  • The US still uses the Imperial system (weight in pounds, temperature in Fahrenheit, distance in miles, and height in feet).
  • Bank cards and credit cards are preferred payment modes.
  • Check the time zone of your destination beforehand.

So, that’s it! You are now armed with the important information you need to make the most of your US trip. Start preparing for your trip now!


Car Parks Near Melbourne Airport- Are They Cheaper?

There are many things to think of if you are planning a holiday, from choosing a destination to booking flights. And if you are using your car to get to the airport, you must look for a safe lot to park it. When looking for airport parking in Melbourne, you have to look for a place near the airport so that you don’t risk missing your flight.

When it comes to airport parking, there are various options you can choose. Choosing the right parking options will not only make the start of your holiday smooth, but it will also save you some case, especially if you are on a tight budget.

  • Types of airport parking

When it comes to airport parking, if you want to get a fantastic deal, you have to ensure that you book a car park that actually suits your needs. Here are some of the airport parking options available around Melbourne Airport.

  1. On-site parking

On-site parking is parking available at the airport. On-site airport parking offers a quick and comfortable experience. You will be closer to the terminal, reducing the need to waste time on time-consuming transfers. When you come back from your holiday or trip, your car will be within walking distance, making you head home without any delays.

  1. Park & Ride

Park and ride, also known as off-site airport parking, is where you park outside the airport and then take a shuttle bus to your terminal. Park and ride option is cheaper compared to on-site parking. They are also easy and convenient since most of them are located near Melbourne Airport. Other benefits of Park & Ride are that it offers excellent security features and discounts and coupons.

  1. Meet and greet

In this case, you drop your car at the airport where you will be met by a chauffeur who will drive it to the car park for as you head to the terminal for your flight. This method offers complete convenience, and it also takes the task of finding a lot for yourself away. However, this option is quite expensive.

  1. Independent car parks

Companies or individuals may offer parking lot. They can be hotels or restaurants near the airport. Although these independent car parks offer clients a cheaper airport parking, their security may not be as excellent as on-site and off-site airport parking. So before you consider parking your car in one of those lots, you must do your research to find out if you can trust them.

How to find a cheap parking deal around Melbourne Airport

Here are some tips to help you find cheaper airport parking around Melbourne Airport

  1. Book in advance

The airport parking prices vary depending on the month and products. But if you book earlier, you will get god deals. Prices are usually low when people start booking, but when it starts to fill, the prices go up. So you will obviously pay more if you book a parking lot on the same day.

  1. Compare prices

If you want to get the best deals possible, you need to compare prices for the airport parking companies available. Visit each company’s website and see their charges and packages. This way, you will find the one that suits your budget and needs.

  1. Check car park standards

If you are considering an off-site airport parking, you must do thorough research about the particular airport parking company. The company must have a Park Mark award. The award indicates proper security and quality standards. You shouldn’t trust a company that doesn’t have it.

What to look for when booking an airport parking

Before choosing an airport parking for your car, you must research more about the company. These are some of the things that you should look for in an airport parking in Melbourne.

  • Do they have a shuttle bus?

Before you choose an airport parking company, you must find out if they have a shuttle bus to take you to the terminal, or will you walk or arrange for transport to the terminal by yourself.

  • The distance

You have to find out the distance between the parking lot and the terminal so that you can plan your time well.

  • Security

Security is a crucial factor that you must consider when choosing an airport parking. Your car is one of your significant life investments, and you wouldn’t want to take it for granted. That’s why you must leave it in safe hands. You must know if the lot is gated, well-lit, has a 24/7 security, and a surveillance camera. These are important things you must find out before you book for your car parking.

  • The cancellation policy

You must find out if the company has a cancellation policy in case of a change in plan. Will the company refund you if you cancel your booking?

  • Transfers

You must know if the car park has transfers and how often they run. The last thing you would want is to wait for ages for a shuttle bus after a long and tiring trip.

Are car parks near Melbourne Airport cheaper?

If you are going on a trip or vacation, the last thing you want is to encounter some additional costs that will add up to your traveling budget. That’s why you will do everything possible to keep your expenses in check.

One of the best ways you can achieve this is to look for an affordable car park near Melbourne Airport. Fortunately, most of the car parks near Melbourne Airport charge affordable rates. The parking prices are quite affordable and the car park company you choose will transport you to Melbourne Airport using their shuttle bus.

If you compare the price of taking a taxi to and from the airport, you will find that airport parking is still cost-effective. And if you are travelling with your family, you won’t have to purchase train or coach tickets.


Steps for Hiring an Ideal Virtual Tour Photographer

What’s the easiest way of building a bigger and better business? Well, hiring professionals over DIY is quite promising. Hiring a professional service, nonetheless, requires you to be thorough to avoid costly mistakes that could derail your quests. You could, for instance, hire an incapable service at a higher price, meaning that you realize little to no desirable results while draining your resources. As you endeavor to keep up with technological advancements, among the professional services that you need to hire includes a virtual tour photographer. If you are considering it, here are a few steps to ensure that you hire the best service.

Establish your need

What are your competitors doing? What would your virtual tours need to give you an edge in the competitive market? Establishing what you need allows you to narrow your options to the most capable virtual tour photographer. Choose a service that marks most if not all items on your checklist, including concerns such as experience, the right resources, and expertise in your business line, among other considerations.

Among the approaches to ensure you choose a capable virtual tour photographer is checking out their portfolio as well as requesting references to vouch for their services. As you narrow your options, you could also seek recommendations from your social circles such as managers and entrepreneurs who have previously engaged a virtual tour photographer. Your other professional services, such as digital marketers, could also point you in the right direction.

Interview a few

Now that you have narrowed your options to a few virtual tour photographers, say at least three to five, it is time to dig a little deeper. Conducting interviews, whether online or in-person, allows you to gather valuable information and eliminates services that don’t meet your expectations. As you prepare for the interview, ensure that you are as armed as possible, and don’t shy away from unusual questions or concerns that seem weird. Such concerns could be all you need to establish how a virtual tour photographer responds to uncertain times under pressure. Don’t forget to consider your gut feeling as well; after all, how productive would it be if you hired a virtual tour photographer you don’t like and can’t freely communicate with?

Seal the deal

Verbal agreements are never the right approach. If something goes wrong, how can you follow up and ensure your rights are protected? Signing a well-written contract protects both parties. Before sealing the deal, nonetheless, ensure that you understand every aspect. For instance, see if the service covers all the areas you need, if contract cancellation is reasonable, the nature of engagement, among other significant consideration that affects your immediate and future interactions with the virtual tour photographer.

As virtual tours continue to shape how the marketing world operates, you need to include it before it is too late. Its numerous benefits make it an ideal marketing tool, and with a reliable and reputable virtual tour photographer, you can conveniently include without breaking your bank.


Ras Al Khaimah Looks to Life Beyond Pandemic with Travel Revitalization

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through countries around the world, the leadership of Ras Al Khaimah is already preparing for when life returns back to normal. Ras Al Khaimah is one of seven members of the United Arab Emirates. Nestled in the northwestern region of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah is one of the few emirates not to be able to rely upon natural oil reserves. As a result, RAK ruler Sheikh Saud has been engineering his economy around building up the tourism and hospital sector. How has Ras Al Khaimah prepared for life after coronavirus? Let’s take a closer look.

Ras Al Khaimah has long been an under-the-radar tourism destination for worldly travelers with an eye for adventure. Thanks to the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, an intense focus has been put on providing ample support for members of the hospitality sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. The RAKTDA has put together an internal stimulus group to develop support for non-government hospitality entities. Led by Raki Phillips, the chief executive of RAKTDA, the stimulus measure aims to provide a six-month waiver for all touristic licenses, fees, and fines. A financial incentive package is purported to follow in the months to come.

According to RAK leadership, more than 15,000 full-time workers are reliant on maintaining steady tourism in the region. As one of the go-to regions in the entire Middle East, the RAK Tourism Development Authority has been pushing a new hashtag labeled #FindRAKLater to discuss and encourage a return to business as usual. In the meantime, Ras Al Khaimah is dealing with a sudden and disastrous drop in visitors. Through the first two weeks of March 2020, more than 50k tourists had swept through Ras Al Khaimah. Following strict safe-at-home orders, tourism numbers would dwindle to all but a stop.

Raki Phillips has been vocal about how important tourism has been to the region in the face of the pandemic. Phillips spoke in an interview with The National to reveal, “Travel and tourism has been one of the worst-hit industries from this pandemic, but we are looking at how we are going to come out of this.” Phillips went on to underline a primary point of confidence, the tourism industry, he believes, will be the quickest industry to adjust to life after the pandemic. Phillips stated, “Once we come out of this pandemic it is important to support local businesses and destinations because that will be our lifeline when things open up again.”

Phillips, as well as RAK leadership, have been focusing extensively on preparing their home for a life after the pandemic comes to an end but they are not the only ones. According to an estimate released by the UNWTO, losses from international tourists could sit between $30 and $50 BILLION on a global scale. As everyone adjusts to this new world, could Ras Al Khaimah cement themselves as a true modern leader in the United Arab Emirates thanks to their strong response to the COVID pandemic?


Preparation Tips for White Water Rafting Trips

You’ve finally booked a white water rafting trip and the day is nearly upon you. White water rafting with friends or family is an experience you’ll never forget. Heading into the New Zealand wilderness to go rafting is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do in your life. If you’ve never been on the rapids, you’re probably confused as to what you’ll need.

Here are some tips to help you get prepared for you first white water river ride.

Planning the Trip

The first thing you should do is book a white water rafting trip with a reputable company. Look at sites such as to find some of the best deals and most experienced guides for white water river rafting in New Zealand.

It is a good idea to sit down with family and friends to see how everyone is feeling about the day that lies ahead. See if people are nervous or apprehensive, try to put their fears to one side by explaining to them that rafting is incredibly safe under the guidance of a proper instructor.


It is always better to know what to expect when you go on your trip. If you’ve any questions about the adventure, get in touch with the company and make some inquiries. You’ll want to know some basic things such as:

  • Where to meet on the day?
  • What clothes to bring?
  • How long the trip will take?
  • What the conditions will be like on the river?

You’ll feel more at ease once you know what to expect from the trip.

Clothing & Equipment

You won’t need any equipment when you go on a white water rafting trip, everything will be supplied for you by the company. There are some types of clothing you’ll need, so don’t forget to pack these items.

  • Short & long-sleeved synthetic shirts – avoid bringing cotton as they get heavy when wet
  • Wetsuit if you own one
  • Swimsuit bottoms or trunks
  • Secure footwear that is non-slip
  • Water bottle, sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Waterproof bag to hold important belongings

Make a list of all the gear you need and tick it off with a pen as you pack your bags on the day.

Be Attentive to the Guide

Your guide is the most important person on your trip. They are the ones with all the experience, so listen carefully to what they have to say and don’t mess about when they want to explain about safety procedures and other essential information about the trip. Your guide will give you and everyone else in your group safety tips that minimise the risk of anything happening to you or fellow rafters.

There isn’t a huge amount of preparation needed for a white water rafting trip. You do need to pack a variety of clothes, especially wet suits and other water-related products. You should avoid bringing any cotton clothes while on the raft as they get heavy and uncomfortable. If you’ve any questions about the trip, get in touch with your guide before you leave.


A Complete Camping Checklist for the Adventure Traveller

If you love exploring the Australian Outback and disappearing for a few days, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in your thinking; indeed, Australians love camping and getting close to nature, and who could blame them with such natural beauty on their doorstep? Here is a checklist to ensure that nothing gets overlooked the next time you prepare for an outdoor camping adventure.

  • Swag or Tent? – A purely personal choice, and if you would like to view a great range of swags, check out, who happen to be one of the leading Australian tent and swag manufacturers. Of course, this item should be of the highest quality as your cover is not something to gamble with, and look for a fully waterproof solution, whichever style you choose.
  • Solar Blanket – In the modern age we live in, you are no longer dependent on your off-road ute for lights and power, and with a roll-up solar blanket that hooks up to a deep cycle battery, you can lay the blanket on the truck roof during the daytime and that is all it takes to give you all the power you need.
  • LED Lighting Solutions – This can come in the form of LED flashlights that are rechargeable, which are light and very strong, ensuring you have essential illumination at nights.
  • Camping Stove – Whether you are hunting your food or you brought a cooler full of bacon and sausages, you will need a stove for cooking your food. Gas or solar powered options are both available and by searching for an online camping supplies firm, you can obtain all you need with a single shop.
  • Insect Repellent – An absolute must, the mozzies and other bugs will be attracted to your lights at night, and by applying a good spray, you will be fully protected. Take a few bottles, as this is not something you want to run out of, and this will make the experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Water Containers – No doubt your vehicle will contain adequate water containers, plus pack some water purifying tablets, just in case. You should also have a water bottle that can be hooked to your belt when you are walking around.
  • Communication – When travelling in remote regions of the country, it is important to have your digital devices, and in the event you have no signal, you should always inform people of where you are going and when you expect to return. If you can, call in every day, which will assure family and friends that you are OK.
  • Tools – In the event your truck becomes bogged down, you will need a sturdy shovel, plus you should keep a small axe or machete in your vehicle, just in case. Only you can decide what tools and implements you need, and there are handy little gadgets that double up with several tools and these can be found at the online camping store.

It is essential that you prepare for every eventuality when heading off into a remote region, and remember to double check the vehicle prior to setting off.