5 Unique Things Can Be Found Only In Bali

Each region has its own uniqueness, including Bali. These are some of the main attractions worth visiting, apart from checking Bali news today about the current condition of the Island of the Gods, which never loses its charm.

If Jakarta has ondel-ondel and Papuans like to eat betel nut, Bali also has these unique things:

5 Unique Things in Bali

Those who have never been to Bali will be curious whether the following five unique things are really there? If you are lucky, you will see it for yourself, these unique things that have been around for a long time. 

Same Nicknames

Maybe you’ve heard Balinese names with the words Putu, Nengah, Wayan, Komang, and Nyoman. Believe it or not, most natives there have the same first name and nickname.

Wayan is the first name of the first child, then Nengah, Kadek, or Made, is used for the second child. As for the third child, the name will be Nyoman or Komang, and the fourth child is named Ketut.

For example, Komang Marta and Komang Agus, most people will call them Komang rather than by their middle or last names.

Lovina Dolphin

Choosing Lovina Beach in Singaraja City, North Bali, will not only be a fun vacation spot because you can do various water sports and view sunrise to sunset. But as the name implies, every morning between 06.00 to 07.30, you also have the opportunity to see dolphins swimming freely on the coast. This animal is also very familiar with humans, so if approached, this animal will be happy to say hello to you.

Kiss at The Sesetan

There is one tradition that still exists in Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Denpasar City in which, on the day after Nyepi Day, a kissing ceremony will be held. In the process, men and women aged 17 -30 years old and unmarried will be gathered.

Men and women will be separated, then one man and one woman will be chosen to kiss while their bodies are doused with water. This tradition aims to get good luck.

Kintamani Dog

The only native Indonesian dog breed whose existence has been recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) since 2019 is the Kintamani Dog. This dog has thick fur and a distinctive ear shape.

Currently, many animal lovers are interested in taking care for these aggressive and independent dogs.

Religious Ceremonies

Almost every day, there are religious events held by Balinese people. You will see rows of women carrying various foods and fruits that are neatly arranged on their heads.

That’s because the Balinese respect their ancestral culture and obey the teachings of their religion. In fact, every day, you will also see residents putting canang or offerings in various places and praying in special clothes.

If you want to see the unique things above, set aside time after visiting tourist attractions such as the Tegenungan waterfall, GWK, Kuta beach, and others to see the uniqueness of Bali. If you are lucky you might be able to see it every day while on the Island of the Gods.

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