A Complete Camping Checklist for the Adventure Traveller

If you love exploring the Australian Outback and disappearing for a few days, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in your thinking; indeed, Australians love camping and getting close to nature, and who could blame them with such natural beauty on their doorstep? Here is a checklist to ensure that nothing gets overlooked the next time you prepare for an outdoor camping adventure.

  • Swag or Tent? – A purely personal choice, and if you would like to view a great range of swags, check out https://www.southerncrosscanvas.com.au/product-category/swags/, who happen to be one of the leading Australian tent and swag manufacturers. Of course, this item should be of the highest quality as your cover is not something to gamble with, and look for a fully waterproof solution, whichever style you choose.
  • Solar Blanket – In the modern age we live in, you are no longer dependent on your off-road ute for lights and power, and with a roll-up solar blanket that hooks up to a deep cycle battery, you can lay the blanket on the truck roof during the daytime and that is all it takes to give you all the power you need.
  • LED Lighting Solutions – This can come in the form of LED flashlights that are rechargeable, which are light and very strong, ensuring you have essential illumination at nights.
  • Camping Stove – Whether you are hunting your food or you brought a cooler full of bacon and sausages, you will need a stove for cooking your food. Gas or solar powered options are both available and by searching for an online camping supplies firm, you can obtain all you need with a single shop.
  • Insect Repellent – An absolute must, the mozzies and other bugs will be attracted to your lights at night, and by applying a good spray, you will be fully protected. Take a few bottles, as this is not something you want to run out of, and this will make the experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Water Containers – No doubt your vehicle will contain adequate water containers, plus pack some water purifying tablets, just in case. You should also have a water bottle that can be hooked to your belt when you are walking around.
  • Communication – When travelling in remote regions of the country, it is important to have your digital devices, and in the event you have no signal, you should always inform people of where you are going and when you expect to return. If you can, call in every day, which will assure family and friends that you are OK.
  • Tools – In the event your truck becomes bogged down, you will need a sturdy shovel, plus you should keep a small axe or machete in your vehicle, just in case. Only you can decide what tools and implements you need, and there are handy little gadgets that double up with several tools and these can be found at the online camping store.

It is essential that you prepare for every eventuality when heading off into a remote region, and remember to double check the vehicle prior to setting off.

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