Best Places to Visit in Ukraine That You Must Not Miss

Even though it doesn’t receive the same number of tourists as other parts of Europe, Ukraine is a proud and colorful country, situated on the Black Sea. It is full of craggy mountain plains, rugged beaches and wild forest. With diverse cultural influences and a history of folk traditions, travelers visiting Ukraine can enjoy ski resorts, traditional villages and modern cities, a number of which boast UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as historical relics. While the entire country is worth exploring, it is not possible to do so unless you have a lot of time. There are a lot of companies that offer Ukraine vacation packages and you can pick any good package after you are done with careful research.

So, what are the best places that you must visit in Ukraine? Let’s take a look at some of them so you can plan your itinerary accordingly:

Ukraine’s third largest city, Odessa is seaport that’s located on the shores of the mythical Black Sea. It has transformed into an important trade city and it gets a lot of visitors due to its clement weather, sandy beaches and sparkling waters. The Lanzheron Beach, in particular, is an ideal place for sun worshippers. The city is also referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea and even though it is quite large, it gives off a very intimate feel. You can enjoy plenty of comfortable and luxurious options when it comes to Odessa accommodation and there are numerous sites worth visiting like the City Gardens, the Odessa Opera House, the mighty stairway leading from the center of the town directly to the beach front and lots more.

  • Poltava

Located on the Vorskala River, Poltava is a city that boasts a military history because of a legendary battle that took place between the Russian Tsar Peter I and the Cossacks in the 18th century. There are some military relics that you can still see, which include October Park, the Column Glory and the Poltava Battlefield that has been preserved. Apart from that, the city is also popular for its museums, some of which are focused on military history. The Assumption Cathedral is also a main attraction due to its striking belfry. Even though it played a pivotal role in history, the city is now a serene and relaxed cultural space that offers theatres, orchestras and museums to enjoy.

  • Myrhorod

Sitting on the Khorol River, this is a sleepy spa town that rose to fame because of the mineral properties that were discovered in its underground springs. There are a number of spots in Myrhorod where people can bathe and the slightly salty water can also be consumed for improving digestive issues. If you don’t want to swim in the water, you do have the option of taking a pedalo or boat on the River. There are some other quirky features of the town that visitors can enjoy, such as the musical water fountain and the towering illuminated windmill. The city’s woodlands are also quite famous and the lush landscape provides a romantic setting for riding a horse drawn carriage.

  • Lviv

This is a city worth visiting because its historical center has now been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be able to see why this is so when you come across the wealth of ancient buildings and monuments, many of which can be traced back to the 13th century. Other than the historical jewels the city has to offer, Lviv is also renowned as Ukraine’s artistic hub and there are a number of galleries spread out over the city. This includes the Lviv National Art Gallery, which houses more than 50,000 works like sculptures, paintings and art installations. If you enjoy ballet or opera, then the city is also famous for its opulent performances and classically trained performers.

  • Zhovkva

Situated in the West of Ukraine, the city of Zhovkva was founded in the 16th century and it is the place to visit if you are interested in seeing historical gems. The Church of Saint Lawrence is one such place to visit as the iconic building is well-known due to its domed roof. The church was made of wood in the 17th century. There is also the Holy Trinity Church that was categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and plenty of other ancient sites that you can check out like the restored Zhovkva Castle. This has a cultural center, which is a great place to visit for people who want to learn more about Ukraine’s culture and history.

  • Kiev

Known for its friendly locals, interesting modern architecture and diverse population, Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine. It also has some of UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. Moreover, there are also a number of museums to explore in Kiev for learning more about the local history and culture. Just hire a limousine Kiev and go on exploring. You can also check out the local theatre performances. The Kiev accommodation options are also quite impressive and the capital city is also a green one. There are two botanical gardens that are just great for strolling around in the afternoon when you feel like it.

  • Yalta

This city is located in one of the areas that are part of Crimea and it is known as a laid back resort facing the Black Sea. It is a long seafront promenade and a hotspot for visitors who wish to enjoy the views over the Crimean Peninsula. Apart from that, there is an aquarium that contains dolphins and there is also a zoo that you can visit. In fact, you can enjoy even more stunning views if you ride to the top of the nearby Darsan Hill in a cable car. In addition, there is also the beautiful Froros Church, which is nestled 400 meters high at the top of a sea cliff. A number of famous figures have been drawn to Yalta over the years like Anton Chenkov. When you are visiting the area, you can also go to his former home that has now been converted into a museum.

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