Going For A Staycation? Here Are Some Tips To Get The Best Hotel

Planning your holiday can be so confusing. It can be you are confused about choosing the best time or the best hotel to stay. Because there are so many things to consider, this article will help you on how you can enjoy your staycation.

For the hotel booking, don’t hesitate to use the hotel promo, especially if you can get it on Epic Sale. Keep looking for your best choice of hotel for the staycation in Singapore with the most affordable prices. But, to tell you how to get yourself the best staycation hotel, it’s not just about the price, here are some things to consider to get the best hotel for you.

1. Location of the Hotel

When choosing a hotel for a staycation, it’s important to consider its location. In Singapore, you can choose whether the hotel is located in a countryside neighborhood, in the heart of the city, or it is on the seaside beach. You can choose based on your preference on how you want to spend your staycation.

For tips, if you want to go shopping and culinary treats, just go for the city center hotels, but if you want some activities to do, go for a countryside or beach hotel.

2. Facilities Provided by the Hotel


Different hotels for sure will offer you different facilities. Some hotels have swimming pools, fitness centers, and business centers while others do not. Some have the best food, some just go for decent food. So, basically it is up to you to choose your best place for staycation.

Make sure you choose a hotel that has the facilities that fulfill your needs. Some tips, go for a quick search on the web about the hotel on their website and see if they have all of your needs. For more, if you want some additional request, you can ask them by email or phone to prepare it for you.

3. Read the Reviews

Along with price and facilities, an honest review will bring you a picture that can fit your preferences. Good hotels always show their reviews over the internet, so you can look at it yourself. You can read it at their social media, website, or travel agent that usually show it on star-rated information.

It is wiser if you spend some of your spare time to always check the hotel reviews before you decide to book the hotel. Look up on how previous guests felt during their stay at the hotel and how they commented about it. Don’t always look for good reviews, you can read some bad comments if you want to know the real condition of the hotel.

That’s all some tips that you can do before booking a room in a hotel in Singapore. Hold on, I got you another tips to you for the staycation hotel booking.

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