Honeymoon at Pondicherry

After getting married, they are selecting a place for a honeymoon is a big deal. There are many cheap honeymoons & romantic packages in India. Before choosing it, they have to look into the present climatic issues and all other things. Honeymoon is once in lifetime opportunity that you should celebrate at beautiful places. One of the natural beauty places of the southern part of India is Pondicherry. Many people from the southern part of India carry a dream of celebrating their honeymoon in Pondicherry. Married couples who plan to visit Pondicherry can enjoy the untouched beauty of the sea and beaches here.

Your loving honeymoons can be fulfilled with the amazing beaches, and the French colonial rule makes Pondicherry a prime tourist destination in India. Being the capital of the Union territory, it is familiar as “Puducherry” which means “New Town” and the favorite tourist spot. This is mainly for those who enjoy an adventurous and fun-filled vacation with family or friends to feel refreshed and away from the busy life of their town or city. Located on the Coromandel Shoreline, when you begin your trip, you come to know the French culture, the pleasant atmosphere, pristine beaches, natural beauty, tasty cuisines, and affordable beer allure most of the tourists to visit the place every time and enjoy life limitlessly. Begin your honeymoon and be a part of the tour without any second thought!

Being the most attractive place on earth, Pondicherry is enriched with rich architectural marvel and heritage wealth while exploring the place comes into your view to get impressed over it. The places which draw more tourists are the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, where Sri Aurobindo with the mother spent time for the betterment of the society.

Romantic honeymoon spots in Pondicherry:

Some of the main attractions of this place include amazing beaches, ancient monuments, and the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pondicherry further known for Bharti and Bharthidasan Memorial museum, Botanical garden and Aquarium, Plage Paradiso, Arikamedu, Raj Niwas, the statue of Dupleix are the main tourist attractions where they rejoice!

Promenade beach:

In general, every couple loves so much to visit beach scenery and spent time with their partner. In Pondicherry, it’s possible by promenade beach. It is one of Pondicherry’s pride, and it’s a total length of 1.5 km, where you can spend your time with your partner. Many magnificent landmarks are located near this beach; some are War memorial, heritage town hall, and so on.

If you have enough time and don’t want to miss your honeymoon tour packages in India, then you have to visit memorial places on this beach like an old lighthouse, old customized houses, and Dupleix statue situated on the Promenade beach. In the evening time, this beach will be filled with tourist persons. You can notice them playing volleyball, cricket, and youths swimming on the beach of heaven. People from various countries’ shops available there and a pleasure climate makes the Promenade beach more lively.

You might also taste the traditional cuisine and seafood of Pondicherry from the restaurants present in the seashore. New visitors can get help in the esthetically heritage building, which is located on the opposite side of the beach.

French War Memorial :

As we know, Pondicherry is ruled by French people once. At present, they have a War memorial place for them. As a newly married couple, if you are interested in old heritage, visit this place to fulfill your honeymoon tour. It is located on the Goubert and constructed in the early 1970s.  It is built especially for the sacrificed soldiers for their mother country during World War l. People living there gather together on important days and pay their respects to the soldiers who lost their lives. Your honeymoon would be made with memories if you visited here. Moreover, it is a small area and so will not consumes much time on your honeymoon tour. Since it is one of the memorial places of Pondicherry have a look once here.

Matrimandir :

If you a practitioner of yoga, then there is no need to miss them during your trip as you have a spiritual community inside the domed Matrimandir temple, which is an exclusive place for integral yoga. It Sanskrit it means the Temple of the Mother. It is located in the center of Auroville and established by Aurobindo Ashram. It is known as the soul of the city, and it’s no matter the religion of honeymoon couples. It is built as a huge sphere surrounding twelve petals. Evening time is the best part of the day to visit here to enjoy your cheap honeymoon & romantic tour packages in India effectively. The four pillars of this monument have a symbolic representation of the mother who built this construction.

The old lighthouse in Pondicherry :

If you have to visit the old architecture of the Pondicherry, visit this place. It is the highest point in Puducherry. Currently, it has offices for the control of the department. You are allowed here to visit in batches in an interval of time, and there you can find shops for getting memorial products. It is Grade- l building on the beach, and soon it will be renovated, and it is expected to finish before March 2021.

Temples of heaven:

If honeymoon couples are interested in spirituals and Pondicherry is an excellent choice for them. Many numbers of temples

Auroville Beach-  Get the pleasant view of the Sun :

As a newly married couple, on your honeymoon tour, taking photos are great memories in your life, and for this, this beach in the evening time is suitable.

Daily, thousands of visitors used to feel natural beauty here for the reason of crystal clear blue color seawater. It is also known as Auro beach. In the evening time of the day, you can get a chance to surf, swim in the sea, which makes your honeymoon tour packages in India with your partner more enjoyable. For the visitors, it has been closed at 6:30 pm. Don’t worry about the night stays; many hotels are situated near to this seashore and book previously to avoid your inconvenience.

Top-rated museums are located in Pondicherry:

In your honeymoon tour,  if you were having plenty of time, look at these three museums mentioned below:

Puducherry Museum: Everyone knows the power and welfare of Pallava and Chola; they have collections of rare and epic bronzes and stone sculptures. It also gives you the culture of French people between the 17th-20th century.

Science Centre and Planetarium:

With your honeymoon tour packages in India, you can get a chance to explore various Science principles here. It is a digital planetarium that makes your visit valuable.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar Memorial Center:

Here they have 17,000+ manuscripts, books, and 3000+ of those books are writing by the famous poeter Bharathiyar. You able to check those books for your reference, and no money is required to pay.

Sadhana Forest:

If the honeymoon couples are interested in adventure, then you have to visit here once. A reforestation project makes it. You can visit me at any time. Once a week on Friday, they make a big tour and offer you an organic-based dinner. Here you can take everything free of cost and that too no registration is needed.

Pleasant time for the honeymoon tour packages :

Not just visiting the place for beaches, it is excellent for sightseeing between December and February, and the water sports, the best seasons are October to May, after which the season is hot in Pondicherry.

Variety of food menus for the honeymoon couples:

If you are a foodie couple and want to enjoy your honeymoon tour packages in India with different varieties of foods here, you can get it.

More Info

The menu of Pondicherry is full of fresh and natural ingredients from which the most favorite is the fish recipes made tempting and aromatic spices which lets you take the chair at the dining room to order for Sambar Vada, Masala Dosa, Coconut Curry, Kadugu Year, Stuffed cabbage and sweet milk. If you wish to taste something new, then French restaurants and Indian cuisine are the best to try and make the unforgettable taste of your trip to Pondicherry. You can have freshly scorched baguettes, crisp croissants with a hot cup of coffee, make an excellent breakfast in Pondicherry, which is inherited from the French legacy and enjoyed till now every tourist and local resident of the region at the seaside restaurants and resorts.

End your day of honeymoon tour :

After busy and stressful shopping, every honeymoon tour packages in India desires to have an exciting nightlife, which is amazing in Pondicherry and enhances your spirit to indulge and have a great time. Though the city is always glittering at night, you can enjoy the last minute at the pubs, beachside, and at the bars, which is the wonderful and thrilling moment of the trip. Don’t miss it! You can enjoy your honeymoon tour by fulfilled as it happens once in life.



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