How Risky Is Horse Riding?

Horse riding has not been given much attention although it has existed for over five millenniums. It is not surprising taking into account how transport technology has advanced and the limited number of animal species that humans can ride.

Originally, horses were used in wars and transport purposes, but as time passed by, people began using horses in sporting activities and riding for fun. A horse riding experience can be thrilling as it makes you feel stronger, faster, and taller than you can be on your own. While horses are no longer needed in wars, there are a lot of people who still enjoy the company of horses, especially Australians.

One thing that has been the topic of conversation about horse riding is the risks associated with it. There have been death cases reported caused by horse riding with people going as far as comparing horse riding risks to that of a motorcycle or extreme sports. So, how risky is horse riding?

Every activity has risks

There are a lot of sporting activities that pose risks to people with horse riding being one of them. When you start horse riding, you can be troubled by fear, but you start feeling the thrill as you become an experienced rider. Do not get me wrong, a horse riding experience can be fun even if you are doing it for the first time. You can check out to connect with a horse farm that will offer you a riding experience of a lifetime and one that you will enjoy.

When you are on horseback, sometimes you ask yourself what if something happens to your or the horse does not understand you. Yes, horse riding has risks, but they should not scare you away from this incredible experience. You can avoid the risks with some knowledge of horses, using safety equipment, and having some situational awareness.

How dangerous is horse riding?

People ride horses for various reasons. It can be a vacation ride, a hobby, or a sporting activity. It is important to note that horses, like many other animals, are known to cause harm to people. Injuries arising from horse riding can be either caused by falling, kicks, or bites.

Anybody who has had the opportunity to try a horse riding experience will tell you that the risks are negligible compared with the whole fun associated with the riding experience. Still, you can avoid these risks by remaining calm, being ready, and learning the horse language.

Be ready

If you want to avoid the dangers associated with horse riding, then you should get ready and mind your safety. This means that you should have with you a qualified coach, a well-fitting safety helmet, and safety boots. Helmets are especially important as they help avoid cases of concussions or even death in case of a fall.

Staying calm

Anything that can make the horses feel uneasy can make them respond intuitively. You should be relaxed lest you risk making the horse nervous. If you are scared of the horse, they might comprehend it as a warning for imminent danger. If you are calm and relaxed, the horse will feel the same way.

Learning the horse language

The moment you are on a horse ride, it looks at you to be the leader. This is essential as it will be the only way you can gain both the respect and trust of the horse. Horses are more settled when they are not leaders.

One incredible fact about horses is that they yearn for a connection. The horse will always want to be at peace with the rider. This creates a partnership that can last years, but more importantly, one that helps you avoid horse riding risks.

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