How to Improve the Performance of Solar System through Solar Power Installation

The performance of installation depends largely on the power of the solar panels and the overall voltage of the system; however, there are also aspects to take into account that will have a large impact on its result. Using the correct section cable, keeping the panels clean, maintaining the battery level, and disconnecting the inverter in periods of non-use are just some of the details that will allow you to obtain an extra performance in your Solar Power Installation.

Use appropriate size cable

It is very important to use a wiring of sufficient thickness in the sections of the installation in direct current. That is, the sections from the panels to the regulator, from the regulator to batteries, and from batteries to the inverter. In direct current, there is the drawback that significant voltage drops occur in the long sections, with the consequent loss of energy. To avoid this, it is necessary to put cable of the appropriate size according to the meters of distance and the amount of energy that has to circulate inside it. Many solar installations fail or underperform due to insufficient cable cross-sections. Mainly between the battery and the inverter

To verify that your solar power installation complies with the minimum recommended cable section in each section, we recommend that you use this application: calculate cable section.

Correctly orient and tilt the panels

To obtain the best energy collection efficiency, solar panels in Spain must always be oriented exactly south (azimuth 0 °).

In addition, if this is not possible due to the situation of the building or the roof, priority will be given to a southeast inclination as close as possible to the south.

The degree of inclination of the solar panels will depend on the season of the use of the installation. For year-round use, an incline that favors obtaining energy should be used in the worst month of the year, December. Normally this value will coincide with the latitude of the place. While for use in summer or weekends, priority will be given to tilting the plates at 30 degrees, since the sun will be at a higher altitude.

Keep solar panels clean

Photovoltaic panels are responsible for generating electricity from the solar installation. For this reason, it is important, if possible, to periodically clean the glass surface of the panel. Mainly when there have been long periods without rain in which dust and dirt have accumulated, or after mud showers.

Keep the liquid level of the batteries constant

Open acid solar batteries are monoblock solar and OPZS and TOPZS stationary. These models require maintenance and periodic refilling of the distilled water inside. The liquid level must be kept between the minimum and the maximum marked on each battery. If the battery is below the minimum, sulfating will occur and its energy storage capacity will be reduced.

Disconnect the inverter in periods or days without use

The power inverter is the device that is required to transform direct current into alternating current and to operate the electrical devices that are connected in the home. In order to reduce your stress and lengthen your operating time, it is recommended to disconnect it during those periods of time in which the installation will not be used. This action will not affect energy capture at all since the regulator will continue to operate autonomously and independently.

It should not be forgotten that carrying out a well-sized solar installation at the start solves many problems and will allow it to maximize its good performance and its useful life. Aspects such as the lack of power in plates will mean little accumulated energy and consequently intensive wear of the battery with constant discharge cycles which will reduce the life of that solar battery.

For all these reasons, it is important to always trust qualified technicians who explain the reasons for each element. If a certain solar kit needs 6 plates to function, bad luck of the one that promises you the same with just using 3 plates. The energy produced by the sun is the same for everyone, therefore you must do everything possible to make the most of it and be happy with the proper functioning of your solar power installation.

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