How to Learn About Reality behind Every Profession

It’s all roses and sunshine when you see from the outside. You realize the reality after you have become a part of that system, and it gets too late for you to get out. Whether it’s exotic dancing, journalism, or army, every profession has its dark side. Here I have discussed how you can unveil that dark side before becoming its part.

Visit Trusted Anonymous Blogs

There are websites like The Doe that allows people to share all kinds of experiences and knowledge. They also verify each story before publishing it. You can read their anonymous blogs related to your profession to see its worst before stepping into it. For example, there is a story of a stripper who shared her experience. You will also find other topics on civil discourse.

Talk to a Senior of the Profession

If you know someone who is a senior in your profession, who would be honest with you, don’t forget to talk to him before making any decision. They have seen what it’s like working in that profession and all its good and bad sides. You will find experience-based information from them that will make up or change your mind.

Imagine the Worst-Case Scenario

If you are uncertain, imagine the worst output of a situation and start digging if it could be possible. For example, some might say businessmen use national armies for their benefits. If you don’t want to become a puppet, do thorough research to see if that’s the case in your country.

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