Planning Your Trip as per your Zodiac

Every vacationer faces the annual quandary that confuses them no end- where to travel, and what part of the world to explore? Moreover, there is so much to see within the country itself, that there is a dilemma on your doorstep regarding whether to cool off in Kashmir resorts, or in a beach with golden sands down south. What you can do, is adopt a new strategy, involving your zodiac sign. Simply travel to the place that is recommended by your zodiac sign.

Aries are energetic and one of the most active travellers during holiday. They would prefer not to sit still, but rather engage in some activity and adventure. Vacations that entail trekking and hiking is a good option, so they can consider places such as Leh-Ladakh, Sikkim, or Meghalaya.

  • Taurus

They happen to be less active and resistant to change, and a destination suited for them would be relaxed and tranquil. If they prefer cold weather, they can go to Gulmarg, and look for Srinagar places to stay. Otherwise, they can unwind at a beach in Goa.

  • Gemini

Geminis are social and love travelling in groups, but they are also quite dynamic in nature. A safari in wildlife park, such as Ranthambore or Gir may be interesting to them. An alternative is a Himalayan trek or hill station.

  • Cancer

They are lovers of water, and thus any location near a water body may provoke their interest. Beaches would be delightful, but a riverside getaway may be an interesting thing to do.

  • Leo

Leos love to be in charge, and also like to indulge in self-love. A luxury stay at a hotel in Udaipur, or visiting palaces and exploring the royal culture of Jaipur would be a great option to pursue.

  • Virgo

Virgos are not fussy but are great at planning and managing their vacations. A trip to Karnataka, exploring the Mysore Palace or ruins of Hampi makes for a viable option. Rajasthan is another place that they would enjoy vacationing in.

  • Libra

Libras are the romantic kind, and even if they are travelling solo, scenic beauty and captivating locations may inspire them. Kerala is one such enchanting destination, with beautiful landscapes, culture and delectable cuisine.

  • Scorpio

They are passionate, but have a softer, philosophical side and a vacation should bring out the best in them. A hill station like Gulmarg, or a trek in the Northern part of the country would be good for the resilient Scorpios.

  • Sagittarius

They absolutely love travelling and adventure, and would be willing to go pretty much everywhere. A place they must visit would be Kutch in Gujarat. If they haven’t visited the North East, they must try to do that as well.

  • Capricorn

They also love travelling, and you can find them in every corner of the country. Kerala, Rajasthan and Goa, all provide diverse experiences but would be equally intriguing for them.

  • Aquarius

They are quite mysterious and unpredictable and may make last moment changes. But planning to go to Srinagar may be a good idea to start with.

  • Pisces

They would always be there to offer a helping hand, and a good place for them to go would be Kerala.

This idea would either work, and you will have a great vacation, or you will have explored a new place and gained an insight into your likes and dislikes.

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