The Best Relocation Destinations For 2021

After an extended amount of time in isolation, adapting our lives to various degrees of lockdown, it is no surprise that relocation and adventure are at the forefront of many minds. The idea of swapping our now all-too-familiar four walls for a backdrop of mountains or the luxury of golden sands is more appealing than ever.

2021 is also a great time to consider packing your bags too as numerous factors have made living abroad and embracing alternative lifestyles easier than ever. Guides, resources, and tales of experience are ubiquitous online, and the many concerns that previously hindered people from moving abroad are disappearing more quickly each year.

The most important question that should occupy the minds of those wanting to swap their jobs and climate for something more fulfilling and enjoyable is Where do you want to go? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting relocation destinations for 2021.

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Against the backdrop of Mt Etna and its cities’ stunning architecture, Sicily is an up-and-coming destination for those interested in all things indulgent, with quickly expanding social scenes that bringing fascinating developments to the island while still keeping it out of the limelight of classic ‘tourism’.

In addition to its immense historical and cultural reputation, Sicily’s recent developments have made flight connections more frequent and have stabilised its now-diverse housing market. As a result, alternative living projects like Escape To Sicily, whose project can be followed at, are gaining popularity, uncovering and sharing the intimate qualities of Sicilian cities while simultaneously showcasing the challenges and triumphs of their own move.


After overcoming COVID-19 with confident ease, Taiwan gained much international respect. The island, often considered one of the finest food destinations in the world, continuously sets extremely high standards for quality of life (ranking 26th on the Happy Planet Index) and is now becoming a major international hub, appealing to industrious and creative visitors from all over the world.

In addition to its fantastic infrastructure and climate, it is also only a relatively small distance from countries like Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea, making it an ideal location to find yourself when you want to take an affordable holiday somewhere new.


While the idea of an ever-longer winter may not be the first quality people think of with their dream destination, Finland is nonetheless gaining attention. Aside from its still widely undiscovered qualities, such as its jazz and coffee scene, Finland is captivating travellers’ attention with its attitude toward life. Nature and a slow-pace are embraced in life, it is set to be an upcoming international design destination, and its sauna experience is second to none.

For those wanting to relocate, it offers free healthcare, an emphasis on work-life balance, great welfare systems, and ranks continuously high on international wellbeing rankings, making it an easy choice for those wanting to live a better life (promising you can brave the cold).

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