The Top 4 Scenic Train Rides Through Switzerland

The easiest way to see most of the beauty of the alpine country of Switzerland is by train. Most railways are known for their incredible customer service as well as their impressive ability to run on time, but it’s the scenery outside the windows that draw tourists to Switzerland train routes. Here are four of the most beautiful train rides you should book on your trip to Europe’s mountain playground.

Gotthard Panorama Express

This route is a great option for tourists who want a taste of panoramic rail without devoting a lot of their time. The route goes from Lugano to Lucerne and comes in at just under three hours. It also includes a short boat journey, giving you several perspectives from which to enjoy the landscape.

The Bernina Express

This Switzerland train experience may be the most popular, both for its route and its value. The full trip takes approximately four hours or so and goes from medieval Chur in the snowy Alps to the Mediterranean landscapes of Tirano, Italy. You should book a reservation, as the Bernina Express is a popular train ride can be busy during the tourist season.

The Golden Pass

If you are looking for classic luxury reminiscent of The Orient Express, then the Golden Pass route is the one for you. This rail trip may not feature the large panoramic windows of more modern trains, but the glamour of the Belle Epoque cars’ interiors makes it worth the ride. Plan to devote about five and a half hours to this route that goes from Lucerne to Montreux. Be sure to reserve your space on the Classic pass for a taste of what extravagant travel may have been like in the past.

The Glacier Express

Devote a day to this Switzerland train route because the 8-hour trip is anything but express. No matter, though, because the views from the ski resorts of St. Moritz to Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn, make up for the slow pace. The giant panoramic windows and luxurious comfort are just a couple of reasons why this ride is so well-known. You can even dine at your seat, so you don’t miss any of the spectacular scenery.

Book Your Trip

Whichever route you decide to take, you should make reservations and get ready to travel in style. Several of these scenic areas are served by more than one rail service, so if you prefer a less touristy option, do a little research to find the trip that takes you where you want to go without the crowds. Any Switzerland train ride is such to be a memorable experience, thanks to the gorgeous landscape that can be seen around the country.

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