Top 10 Opportunities To Volunteer In Nepal

For centuries, Nepal has captured the imagination of travelers with its massive mountains, serene monasteries, as well as its rich and beautiful cultural heritage. It has become an increasingly popular destination throughout the world especially for those looking to absorb some of the spirituality that Nepal is known for.

Nepal, however, is not a mythical far away land. It is actually a real country with real people that are facing real problem. It is estimated that up to a third of people in the country live below the poverty line. It is one of Asia’s least developed countries and has struggled to recover since it was hit by earthquakes back in 2015.

Top 10 Opportunities to Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal allows travelers to give back to the community and country at large, taking their trip beyond just spiritual enrichment and into more useful, practical, and productive support. Here are the top 10 opportunities to volunteer in Nepal.

1. Teaching English

Teaching English is one of the opportunities available for those looking to volunteer in Nepal. In rural Nepal, schools always welcome English speaking volunteer to come teach the language and provide motivation for the students.

You can volunteer to teach English from anywhere between 1 week up to several months. During your stay, you can be living with a local host family or in a school hostel with students and teachers. Volunteering to teach English in Nepal is an excellent way to experience the country as a local.

2. Agriculture Projects

Agricultural practices in Nepal are still traditional and both the planting and harvesting seasons tend to be incredibly festive. They are part of Nepalese culture. If you volunteer in agriculture projects, local farmers can host you and you will learn about agricultural practices passed down generations.

Volunteering in agriculture projects in rural Nepal will give you a complete taste of the country. You will get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown using organic farming practices. If you choose such volunteer projects, you will discover what happiness is.

3. Volunteering in a Buddhist Monastery

To volunteer in Nepal in a Buddhist monastery provides an excellent platform for the exchange of cultures. Volunteers can teach English to Buddhist monks while in turn learning Buddhism from the monks.

Volunteers can also help out in the Monasteries in a variety of ways such as cleaning, helping out in the kitchen, etc. Volunteering in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal is best suited to people that would like to learn more about Buddhism.

4. Elephant Care

Chitwan National Park is situated in the central southern region of Nepal. Sauraha is a popular tourist destination where people go for elephant safaris. Local hotel owners and villagers keep elephants for taking tourists on jungle safaris.

Volunteers typically stay with the families that take care of the elephants. The main roles include feeding and cleaning the elephants among various other tasks.

Recommended Volunteering Opportunities for Elephant Care:

  • Chitwan National Park
  • Third Eye Foundation Nepal

5. Medical Programs

If you have a background in the field of medicine, volunteering in a Nepal hospital and health center can be incredibly rewarding. You will have the opportunity to handle cases under the supervision of a doctor.

If you would like to volunteer in a medical program, it is advisable to join programs and centers located in the rural areas where your impact will be felt more since the vast majority of health centers and hospitals in Nepal are located in cities and not the rural areas.

6. Conservation

Joining an environmental conservation volunteering program in Nepal is an excellent way to ensure that environmental balance is maintained. Such programs can range from planting trees to working in a nursery to working with organizations that are dedicated to conservation of the environment.

Nepal was struck by earthquakes back in 2015 and this devastated infrastructure in the country. Volunteering in construction is an excellent way to give back to the community and help rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Projects range from the construction of buildings, toilets, tanks, etc.

8. Work in an Orphanage

Working in an orphanage is one of the most popular volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Nepal has numerous orphanages that are mostly based in the 4 main tourist hubs i.e. Kathmandu, Banepa, Chitwan, and Pokhara.

You should choose the volunteer program wisely since some humanitarian organizations that claim to help out orphans are actually established for the sole purpose of making money and ensuring that the children never get out of poverty.

9. Work with Animals

Veterinary volunteering programs are some of the most popular in Nepal. You can work in a veterinary center with local veterinary workers and get experience. You can join the program whether you are just an animal lover or a veterinary student.

10. Teach Computer in Schools

Schools in the rural parts of Nepal are slowly introducing computers to students. Unfortunately, there’s a limited pool of personnel who are knowledgeable on this topic. If you volunteer for this opportunity, you will teach basic computer skills thus helping the students and the community at large.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to volunteer, Nepal can provide you with the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the world while enjoying an unforgettable travel experience. The 10 opportunities to volunteer in Nepal discussed here are some of the best, so all you have to do is find one that matches your skills and values.

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