Top 5 Tips for Making Your Staycation in London a Success

London is a cosmopolitan, big, and exciting city where almost everything is possible. Seizing this opportunity and experiencing what the city offers in one weekend may seem difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Whether you want to take part in outdoor activities, go to a restaurant, visit a museum, or shop in big malls, the following are tips, which will ensure you schedule a memorable and rich weekend in the city:

1. Get an Accommodation

Book a hostel or hotel in advance. London is not the kind of city you walk in or show up, unless you have no issue getting charged triple.

If you want to save cash, look at the budget chain hotels, such as Ibis, Travelodge, or Premier Inn. Just ensure you check and read reviews online before booking, as some chain hotels might be a hit or miss.

2. Consider Chauffeur Services

London’s Tube is easy and reliable to explore. Announcements are usually clear, and any tourist may access almost anywhere they wish to visit.

When it comes to London travel, traffic is heavy, making it necessary to hire the best chauffeur services in the city.

Whether you want to get to a business meeting or require an airport transfer, the best chauffeur services guarantee offering the most luxurious and elegant cars globally, if not in London.

3. Use a Pass

A London pass refers to pre-paid cards, which can get you to different attractions in the city. They are worth using, especially when you want to visit the most expensive sights in London.

A London pass is also valuable for sights, which cost cash. So ensure you list some of the places you can visit in advance, including:

  • River Cruise
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • Golden Tours
  • Westminster Abbey

4. Avoid Eating in Tourist Spots

In general, any type of food within half a mile of Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus can be costly beyond reason. But of course, there are some exceptions.

If you’re looking to save cash, a perfect way is to shop at a supermarket that has a variety of sandwiches and other types of foods you may readily eat.

If you also have self-catering accommodation, look for specials in supermarkets where products close to sell-by-date can be sold at a reduced cost.

5. Explore Beaten Paths

Understandably, you might want to see major landmarks when touring London for the first time. Though the city is more than Buckingham Palace or Big Ben.

There are also a lot of quirky neighborhoods, beautiful gardens, lesser popular museums, and local markets in the city.

Visiting some less-known spots like these can easily make your first tour in the city even more memorable and special.

Final Thoughts!

There are numerous places to tour and activities to take part in the city, which you must accept that you cannot explore all of them. Even Londoners cannot do all of them in their lifetime.

So it’s best to have a bucket list of things you wish to do during your tour, making it simple to budget everything and maximize your time in London.

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