Top 7 Ways To Volunteer In Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world and if you plan on visiting, you might be interested in volunteering. If you want to volunteer in Ecuador, then you’ll want to check out a few of the opportunities. With that said, the top volunteering opportunities include:

1. Teach English In Remote Areas

One of the best ways to volunteer in Ecuador is to teach English to young students between the ages of five and 12-years-old. This will typically involve needing a certification, such as a TEFL certificate and you’ll have to get work through an organization if you want to have a good chance of landing a volunteer teaching position.

Bear in mind you’ll most likely be teaching in remote areas. There are many benefits of doing this type of work, with the big one being you’ll be helping kids escape poverty. You’ll play a crucial role in helping kids achieve success.

2. Trainer at a Soccer School

A soccer trainer is someone who practices the sport of soccer with those interested in learning. You’ll mainly be working with kids who have some experience playing the sport, as well as kids who have never yet gotten the chance to learn how to play. This is fulfilling work and you’ll have fun doing it.

Soccer is extremely popular in Ecuador. Many kids want to learn how to play it properly. You can play a role by becoming a volunteer in Ecuador that specializes in training kids to play soccer.

3. Swimming Instructor

Another volunteer opportunity is becoming a swimming instructor. You’ll be showing people how to swim or how to become a better swimmer. You can work in places such as schools, athletic centers, swimming facilities and many more.

There are a few requirements you might need in order to volunteer as a swimming instructor, such as a certificate to show you know how to perform first aid and CPR. You’ll also need to be a strong swimmer. It’s worth noting that many places throughout Ecuador are in need of swimming instructors, so finding a place to volunteer at should be easy.

4. Daycare Assistant

You can volunteer as a daycare assistant, which will involve assisting the teachers. You’ll help them with various activities throughout the day, and the children you work with will be impacted in a positive way. This type of work can vary in hours, but it is highly rewarding and fun.

This volunteer role is suitable for those who like working with kids and for those who already have experience working in a daycare setting. However, even if you don’t have experience, but you want to gain valuable experience, then this type of volunteer work is for you.

5. Child Care Support Center

The truth is there are many kids throughout the country who end up in homes or the streets because they have suffered abuse from their own family or because of dysfunctional settings.  Many young people end up having kids, and this results in the kids being born into poverty and ending up in homes or the streets. At the time of this writing, there are over 200,000 kids who are in homes.

As a child support worker in a center, you’ll make a positive impact on kids. You’ll be able to provide them with guidance and teach them valuable skills. If you enjoy working with kids and you truly want to make a difference, then you should volunteer to work in a child care support center.

As for requirements, you’ll need to either speak a bit of Spanish or English at an intermediate level. You have to undergo a criminal background check and you have to be physically fit because this type of work can be rigorous. Other than that, you don’t need many other skills.

6. Ecotourism Intern

As an intern in the ecotourism sector, you’ll work in the communication department at the national park. You’ll be doing activities such as conducting surveys and you’ll learn how to create databases, as well as how to generate statistical data. Staff members have to make important decisions on a regular basis, and you’ll play a role in helping them make those decisions. Do bear in mind that although the work is satisfying, it can be challenging and most days will never be alike, but that is one of the upsides to working as an ecotourism intern.

You’ll need to have intermediate Spanish speaking skills because you’ll have to communicate with other workers, who will speak Spanish or they’ll be very fluent in Spanish. Another requirement you’ll need to meet is the ability to work a flexible schedule and you’ll have to be able to work as part of a team and be able to work independently. Other then that, there’s no strenuous requirements to meet.

7. Animal Rescue In The Amazon

If you volunteer in animal rescue in the Amazon, then you’ll be able to explore the country and rescue animals that are found within the Amazon. By volunteering in animal rescue, you’ll interact with other animal lovers, as well as animals themselves. Besides that, you’ll have the chance to put down that you have international volunteer experience on your resume. Perhaps the best thing is you’ll learn how to speak Spanish or improve your Spanish speaking skills, while having the opportunity to grow as a person.

Do you love animals and does rescuing various animals or playing a role in rescuing them sound exciting? If so, then volunteering in the animal rescue sector is for you. With so many opportunities, you’ll easily find one that is suitable for you. Trust us when we say you will learn a tremendous amount about animals with this volunteer opportunity.

Do you want to become a volunteer in Ecuador? If so, then check out the above volunteering opportunities. Remember, there are many other ways to volunteer in the country and there are a lot of other opportunities besides the above. However, those are the top volunteering opportunities in the country, so consider looking into those.


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