All you Need to Know About Phi Phi Island

There is a group of 6 small islands off Phuket that are known as the Phi Phi islands, and the scenery is about as good as it gets, with deep blue seas and limestone rocks jutting out of the ocean to rise majestically. The bad news is that this tiny stretch of paradise is the busiest tourist hotspot in the south of Thailand, as everyone wishes to sample the clear blue waters and white sands, and with that in mind, here are a few tips if you are planning a trip to the famous Phi Phi islands.

  • Avoid National Holidays – As you can imagine, the Thai people flock to idyllic spots such as this whenever they have free time, and times to avoid are between 13-16 April, which is Songkran holiday in Thailand, their version of New Year, plus Christmas through to Jan 1st, another very busy period. If you want to learn more about Phi Phi’s best family resorts, an online search will bring up all the information you need, plus you can make an online booking when you have confirmed your dates. May to September is the low season and therefore the best time to visit Phi Phi islands.
  • Getting There – There are daily boat trips from Phuket and Krabi, which are usually crowded with tourists, but once you arrive, the hassle is definitely worth it. Despite the many tourists, you can still find a quiet section of beach where you can relax in paradise and forget all the stresses of modern life.
  • Bring Hiking Shoes – There are no roads as such on Phi Phi, rather dirt tracks that can be traversed with a bike, although most people walk, as it is much safer. If you wish to make inland treks, talk to a local guide, who can show you the best trails, and be very careful, as it is easy to slip and fall.
  • Monkey Beach – This is where you can interact with the local monkey population, so do bring a few bananas and you’ll be very popular. While the monkeys are very friendly, make sure that your camera and phone are safely packed, as they have been known to steal such devices.

A trip to Phi Phi islands is on everyone’s bucket list, so don’t expect deserted beaches, but that said, it is still worth the effort to visit this pristine section of tropical islands.

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