Discover the Quietest Places To Visit In Thailand – Even in Bangkok

Thailand has become a mecca for tourists from all over the world. As a result, the Land of Smiles has several built-up tourist destinations sprawling with hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and tourist hot spots. The issue today is that the most advertised places that were once untouched paradises are now just becoming another European style holiday destination with the only difference being that it is in the East.

However, Thailand is not finished yet as there are still some hidden gems provided by this tour operator thailandia!

Bang Krachao

Very few people even know about this island. What may surprise you, even more, is that it is in the center of Bangkok in a place hidden away from high rise buildings, built streets, and the mad traffic-ridden roads in southeast Asia’s most visited city. And we are not talking about a small area here either because Bang Krachao spans 16 square kilometers (6.2 sq mi) of the city. To find it, you just need to look for a huge bend in the river, and to get there, you will usually need to take a ferry; although, you can get there by taxi too.

Once inside you can hire a bike for as little as 50 baht for the entire day and begin your adventure in a place that feels like you are in the countryside. Along the way, you will encounter lush gardens, dense forests, swampy lands, plenty of cheap restaurants and coffee shops, a plethora of temples, and a park slap bang in the middle complete with a lake and bird sanctuary. This is also the same location you will find the famous ‘floating market’ which tourists are whisked into, and then whisked out without being given a chance to see what else Bang Krachao has to offer.

Koh Chang, Koh Kut, and Koh Wai

If you are looking for a tropical island in the middle of paradise, then these are it. The beaches on all of them are very quiet, the islands attract few tourists, yet, they are set up perfectly to cater to the small number of visitors that have discovered this part of Thailand. Nowhere else in the Kingdom is quite like Koh Chang, which is the busiest of the three islands mentioned here. You have all the amenities, tours, and dive stops anywhere in Thailand offers crystal clear waters that are clean and teeming with sea life.

As for Koh Kut and Koh Wai, these islands are much quieter and smaller than Koh Chang. You will literally be in paradise with long stretches of beach to yourself and plenty of places to take a peaceful walk. Although, hold to your hats while you are here because the locals (tribes of monkeys) are not shy whatsoever and have a habit of collecting beach hats and baseball caps.

So, next time you think about arranging a trip to Bangkok, take some time out in Bang Krachao’s national park and then head to Koh Chang for some peace and quiet as well as some island hopping.

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