Effective Money-Saving Tips for Budget Backpackers in India

Most of us love exploring new countries, cultures and cuisines. Traveling is a wonderful way to experience all these at the same time. But some of us are too concerned with our pocket to dare to visit the destinations of our preference. The reality is, if you can shrug off the idea of ‘luxury travel’ and don’t mind hobnobbing with the locals in India, you can enjoy the thrill of visiting the far-flung lands on a pocket-friendly budget.

The budget travellers find it easy to save on everything from airfare to accommodation to food to shopping to sightseeing. What is more, a budget backpacker can unravel the real and rustic charm of exploring offbeat India. Here are some wonderful money-saving tips for the budget travellers who want to explore India in a unique and unforgettable way.

Travel Overnight

Air flight will set you back by more than you have to spend for travelling by buses and trains. Both buses and trains travel across the country overnight. You can travel by a bus or train overnight in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Haridwar, Amritsar, Shimla and other tourist destinations.

Go with Local Transport

In India, local transport means auto-rickshaws, taxis, buses, metros, trams and taxis. In many places, shared cabs and auto rickshaws offer cheaper services than private cabs. Buses are another cheaper option but usually crowded. By taking an auto-rickshaw or a shared cab to get in and around any place in India, you can easily save a lot and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Eat Street Food

Street food in India is world famous and much cheaper than delicious dishes at restaurants. You will find street food in almost any place of India. By exploring street food, you will get to taste the local cuisines of the country at a much cheaper price.

Look for Affordable Accommodation

In India, ‘Bed & Breakfast’ culture is receiving appreciation from travellers. Traditional houses offering heritage culture in famous historic places are incorporated into the wider network of ‘Bread & Breakfast’ facility. Accommodation at such places is much cheaper than what you have to spend even in a low-budget hotel. In addition, you will also get to enjoy traditional yet world-class hospitality that India is widely known for.

Comb Street Markets

Many people have a strong belief that shopping from brand stores is the only way to get a good value for their money. These swanky shops invest a lot for their interior decoration, paying the staff and regular maintenance. Therefore, they charge more for a product than what you have to pay at street bazaars. It is common for travellers to collect souvenirs. Visit the street market, explore varieties of Indian handicrafts and buy those at a much affordable price. Make sure to bargain with the sellers before opening your wallet!

Book Cheap Flights

Airfare eats up a bigger slice of your international travel budget. Opt for cheaper flights to India. Many travel agencies offer discounted airfare prices throughout the year. Compare the flight deals to avail the best offer.

Buy Travel Insurances

Travel insurance is getting popular with every passing day. If you have travel insurance, you will receive compensation for loss of luggage on a trip and even for hospitalization during the tour.

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