How to get your body looking good for your vacation

While summer may now be over, for many people, the vacation season is just beginning: if you’re limited to out-of-season vacations, for example, September and beyond is the perfect time to go. But what’s the secret to getting in shape ahead of a trip to the beach, the ski slope or elsewhere? What can you do to increase the chances of it happening, and what’s best avoided? This article will share some top tips on how to get your figure ready for that big trip away.

No silver bullet

The trope of the ‘beach-ready body’ is a common one, and many women are used to thinking about it. But first off, the bad news: there’s no silver bullet when it comes to getting in shape. If your vacation is tomorrow and you’re not yet 100% pleased with how your body is looking, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to change it in time. What this does mean, though, is that there’s still scope for you to both dress well and to work on yourself from within.

What you wear can have a big impact on how your figure looks. For some women who want to cover up what they consider to be the less attractive parts of their bodies, wearing a baggy t-shirt all the time is an option. However, there are plenty of plus-size bikinis and swimsuits out there these days, so you’ll be able to find something that you feel good in. What’s important when choosing clothes is not that you go for something that you consider hides some part of you, but that you go for something that you like and feel good in. This way, your confidence will radiate outwards – no matter what your size, or what part of your body you may or may not be showing.

A workout plan

If your plan is to lose weight or get a bit more toned, you’ll need to take into account the two sides of the coin – working out and eating well. A personal trainer can help here, though that could be expensive – especially if you’re broke after booking a vacation. Even just taking up running, or pushing yourself to run a little further than you already do, can help. Clothes come into play here again: checking out the Tommie Copper official LinkedIn page is wise, as it’s full of inspiration for Tommie Copper compression clothing, which protects you as you work out and reduces the risk of a pesky pre-vacation injury.

Eating and drinking

For many people, vacations are about relaxing and eating and drinking what you like. However, in the run-up to a vacation, it’s wise to cut back a little in order to prepare your figure and get yourself looking in top shape. First off, take a look at those parts of the day when unhealthy foods might creep in. A large sandwich from a store at lunchtime could end up being unhealthier than if you’d taken an hour at the start of the week to prepare some healthy stir fry for each lunchtime, for example. Picking up a creamy, frothy coffee every day can also help the calorie count to mount up, so why not swap it out for a filter coffee for a while? If you need a motivating factor, just think about all those amazing food and drink experiences you will have once you actually get out to the beach or to your vacation destination. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to enjoy them all the more knowing that you worked hard to deserve them.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a good vacation – and everyone has the potential to show off their figure, no matter what beauty standards you might subscribe to. There are many different ways to do this. One is to cut down on eating and drinking in advance of the big trip, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to enjoy some indulgence once you’re out there. Another is to ensure that you dress well, as that’s always a surefire way to look and feel confident no matter where you are. And by picking up some top-quality workout clothes, you’ll be able to get yourself into an exercise routine that leaves you looking slender and toned ahead of the trip. In short, there’s bound to be a way forward that suits you best.

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