How to make travelling to London an affordable and luxurious experience

Travelling has become a pleasure that is becoming increasingly affordable to many. However, comfort and luxury are many times overlooked to make travelling a possibility. Travelling on a budget is common if you’re trying to discover more places and countries, leaving luxury as a possibility that only a few can afford to enjoy.

Nevertheless, several hacks will make travelling in luxury a possibility, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Short-term vacation rental

Forget about staying at a five-star hotel, they might seem like the most luxurious option you can go for, but there are great short term vacation rentals in London that can provide an even more comfortable experience and at a lower cost.

They’re centrally located and they are a home away from home.

Choose the perfect season

Autumn is the perfect season to find low-cost plane tickets and low prices in short-term vacation rentals. The high season, which is summer, is over, which makes this expensive city a lot more affordable and less crowded.

September, in particular, is probably the best month to visit London, the weather is fabulous and the crowds are gone.

Have breakfast at your vacation rental and dinner at a fancy restaurant

Something that can be bothersome when travelling is eating out for every meal, it can also add up the costs of your trip. Another benefit of staying at a vacation rental is that you can do groceries and cook delicious breakfast at your vacation rental, and instead splurge at a fancy dinner in one of the multiple upscale restaurants that London has to offer.

Museums are free

Most museums in London are free, which makes them accessible to all budgets. They’re a great way of knowing history, art and more by keeping expenses low. Leaving extra money for treats and outings.

Ride the tube

It might seem like moving around the city in the tube is for commoners, but it’s the most practical way of getting around.

Traffic jams can steal a lot of time, and it can be quite expensive when you’re spending your days moving from one place to another.

The London underground system is one of the best in the world, it will cost you a lot less than travelling by taxi or Uber and it will also save you a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted stuck in traffic.

Splurge on experiences, not things

Part of making a trip a luxurious experience is being able to splurge on experiences that can be expensive. Material things lose their value quickly, but experiences are events that ignite emotions within you and they create memories that you can hold on to for a lifetime.

Don’t cut back when it comes to having drinks out in a nice bar, having a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant and other experiences that hold a higher emotional value than riding a taxi instead of taking the tube or staying in a hotel instead than a short-term vacation rental.

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