Yacht Charters! – Why you should host your next corporate event on one

Deciding where to host your next corporate event can be tricky especially if you’re looking for something different to a traditional dinner. Corporate events are an opportunity to delight your employees and to form lasting business relationships. For the ultimate experience, you can’t go past a yacht charter. Here are all the reasons why you should consider one.

Options for all budgets

One of the first things that comes to mind when researching event options is the cost. Many assume that yacht charters are exclusive to the rich and famous, however, this isn’t the case. Most well-established charter companies have a selection of boats on offer with options for all budgets. You can customize your charter trip to your liking, a DIY approach can keep costs down or you can get the charter team to take care of every element, from catering, drinks, entertainment, decorating, and everything in between.

Set the tone for relaxation

The last thing you want is for your guests to be counting down the minutes to leave after spending time and money organizing an event. This makes things awkward and doesn’t set the tone for a fun day or evening. Hosting your corporate event on a yacht is a conversation starter and what better way to make a memorable day than by floating along the tranquil waters of Cancan.

Promote your company in the best light

We all know that social media is a powerful marketing tool and by sharing posts of your corporate event online, you can generate interest and promote your business in an impressive light. Placing banners with your company logo in visually obvious locations around the boat is a fantastic opportunity for brand exposure. Hosting your corporate event on a luxury boat is a great way to give your employees and clients an insight into the growth and success of the company.

Reward your team, they deserve it

When you put effort into your employees, it boosts productivity and decreases staff turnover. Why settle for average? If your staff notice the lack of effort you put in, theirs is likely to reflect yours. They will appreciate the lengths you have gone to to make them feel special and it is sure to be an event that will be remembered. Indulging your team in a corporate event on a luxury yacht is classy yet fun.

The ultimate presentation

Whether you’re hosting a product launch, Christmas get together or exclusive VIP party, you can have peace of mind knowing that your corporate event can be executed with the uttermost professionalism. Many luxury yachts have state of the art PA and displays systems onboard where no expense has been spared. The event can be tailored to your specific needs to give your guests the ultimate experience.

Exclusive and private

You don’t have to worry about interference from others or waiting in line for something to eat or drink when hiring a yacht for your corporate event. You can discuss business without the risk of others overhearing your confidential conversations. Once you step onboard the whole yacht is yours, no sharing or having to converse with strangers. Most yacht charters can cater to large corporate groups right down to small intimate numbers.

All activities and catering are taken care of

Planning food, drinks, and things to do for a group can be overwhelming. Many yacht charter companies take the stress out by organizing it all for you. They will run through all your requirements and each element will be prepared before your arrival so once you step onboard you can relax. Many offer refreshments throughout the trip along with snacks, meals, entertainment, and activities. It can be as formal or informal as you like with delectable gourmet food and dining options or if you’re after fun things to do, consider snorkeling or floating around on large inflatables.

Unbeatable experience

Unlike a permanent land-based venue, the surroundings are continuously changing on a yacht. Watching the sunset on the water or snorkeling around secluded islands is an experience that is unmatched by land-based corporate activities. There is no opportunity for boredom as the senses are immersed in the captivating scenery.

Want to step it up a notch further?

Spending some time on a yacht in itself is spectacular but, if you want to wow your guests further, you can add additional upgrades. Here are some popular ideas:

Helicopter or airplane tours – These tours can be as long or short as you like with joy flights or half-day options.

Jets-ski hire – Jet skis can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and are an extra element of fun to include as a part of your corporate event.

Photography and videography – Get a professional to take care of the photos and videos, this way you can relax knowing you are going to get premium quality photos without having to constantly remember to take them throughout the event.

Book your yacht today!

If you’re looking for something special for your next corporate event, whether it’s business or pleasure, you can’t go past a luxury yacht charter. Riviera Charters have one of Cancun’s most expansive fleets and we cater to groups of all sizes. You can go out for a few hours or make a day of it with our flexible charter packages. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements, we would love to be a part of your next special occasion.

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