10 Essential tips for traveling to Marrakech

Traveling to Marrakech implies two things that every traveler should be clear before choosing the destination: concern for knowing a different culture and wanting to get lost in a maze of alleys with many secrets. Although that traveling spirit invades us all before leaving for a destination like Marrakech. It is always good to know in advance series of tips and recommendations that will make the trip more bearable. Before discovering a new destination and booking a Marrakech tour packages, it is essential to have accurate and updated information on all the important and practical aspects of the Marrakech holidays trip. In this article all the travel advices and recommendations you should know before visiting Marrakech for the first time.

The best time to visit Marrakech

Marrakech enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. In winter, the temperatures do not fall below 18 °. Near the mountain, the desert and the ocean, you can indulge in the joys of skiing. At mid-season, the mild weather allows you to visit Marrakech and its surroundings while enjoying the sun, trekking in the Atlas or a bivouac in the Sahara. The months of July and August are not recommended if you are traveling with children. However, the seaside resorts are not far away and will refresh you from the overwhelming heat of summer. The tourist visits during the hot season should be reserved for mornings and evenings because the temperature easily reaches 40 °. So, you will choose the right time to travel to Marrakech according to the style of holiday that suits you.

Book Marrakech tour package

Take advantage of the great travel deals to Marrakech where offer you very low prices. You can travel to Marrakech with fantastic conditions. Enjoy a sensational vacation in Marrakech where you can feel at home. With Marrakech holiday packages to make that trip you want with the best conditions and the best price.

A suitcase well prepared

Your suitcase will contain mostly light clothing no matter what season you leave. Again, its content will depend on your lifestyle and planned activities. The adventurers will not forget walking shoes and outfits adapted for hiking. Fans of idleness will arm themselves with a swimsuit that will prove to be useful for Marrakech holidays, even in winter. Indeed, many accommodations put at your disposal a heated swimming pool. In summer, needless to say, that hat, sunglasses, sandals and sunscreen are de rigueur. In spring or autumn, you will add a vest because the evenings are cool. In winter, shorts and t-shirt will accompany pants and sweater but also ski suit. Finally, the camera is essential.

Booking accommodation

Renting a typical riad or a luxury villa for a holiday in privacy will bring a touch of magic to your stay. The Medina is full of Riads with traditional architecture and oriental decoration. Living a few days in this type of charming house organized around a central garden offers you the opportunity to stay in the heart of Marrakech while enjoying an extraordinary calm. The staff will make you discover the culinary specialties and will help you to organize your next excursions. Foreigners also like to rent a luxury villa. You will benefit from tailor-made hotel services and will be free to choose your holiday home according to well-defined criteria. You will spend a dream holiday with family or a couple away from the hustle and bustle of the medina.

Talk with the managers of the holiday accommodation

Arriving in Marrakech, you will receive valuable advice from staff who will tell you the places not to be missed under any circumstances. Personalized support will be provided throughout your stay. The managers take the time to chat with you and always with a smile. They will guide you in the alleys and you will be sure to discover the hidden places of the tourists.

The exchange of money

The local currency is the dirham, you will have to exchange your euros in banks or exchange offices swarming in Marrakech. Always make sure you have cash on hand to pay for merchants. The credit card is of course accepted in hotels and large restaurants. However, a commission will be charged.

Getting closer to the premises

Marrakchis speak fluent in English, but they will appreciate that you salute and thank them in the local language. Moroccan hospitality is not a legend, the welcome that will be reserved for you will be warm to the heart and good mood is present on every corner. It will not be difficult to meet new people, which is the best way to get closer to the local culture.

Getting around Marrakech

The best mode of travel is walking because you will have to walk the steep streets of the Medina to tame Marrakech. In addition, countless cars, mopeds, bicycles, but also donkeys and horses make traffic particularly dense and dangerous. You can take a taxi to get away from the center for a few dirhams, or a bus or train.

Visit the historic sites

It is inconceivable to spend a Marrakech holiday without admiring the many sights. The Koutoubia mosque, the Palm grove, the Majorelle garden, the Bahia palace, the Jemaa El-Fna square, the Ben Youssef madrassah, the Saadian Tombs and the Menara gardens will captivate you.

Browse the souks

Stalls of fruits and vegetables of all colors, spices, olives and lemons, carpets, flowers, jewels, pottery, bags and leather slippers, souks reveal all the Moroccan craftsmanship. You will discover sublime authentic quality souvenirs, all handmade by artisans passionate about their country and their profession. Take the time to haggle! This common practice allows you to do good business and have a good time.

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