How To Plan A Trip To Krakow?

No matter if we plan to go alone or with a group, we should have at least a sketch of the plan. Thanks to that we may omit unnecessary problems.

Krakow – what, where, when?

We should start planning out trip a few days ahead. Spontaneous trips may have their charm but the tickets may be already reserved, tickets to an important event for us might be sold out an the nearest hostel (within our budged) may be situated on the outskirts of town. That may occur especially during the months where the crowds are flooding Krakow.

Like July and August – during the summertime Krakow becomes a destination point not only for Poles but, also, for Europeans who want to learn about different cultures. Other dates that might bring a lot of tourists are the long weekend in May, June and September (school trips) and a long weekend during the Corpus Christi day.

The map of Krakow

Before we start planning our trip we should figure out what and when we want to visit something. It’s not about planning every minute of our stay, but just to make sure to be able to see the places we really want to.

When we decide where we want to go, we should look at the map of Krakow and the locations of those attractions. It could be easier for us to plan our 2-3 day stay dividing the sightseeing into zones.

For example: In the evening, after we arrive, we want to stay in the cafes and restaurants, just relaxing, but on Saturday we go outside of the centre and go downtown, and in the evening we go for a concert. On Sunday we go to the Old Town and departure.

Accommodation in Krakow

After we visit the places we want to, we should really focus on the place to stay. This place should be:

  • Well connected by buses or trams with the rest of the city.
  • Situated close to some of the attractions – why waste time on transport?
  • Within our budged. While planning a group trip, the price should be within everyone’s reach.
  • Renovated, spacious, with individual bathrooms, Wi-Fi and electricity – that all can be granted within a good price

The best option, that fulfils all of the above is a hostel, that is well known and care about their guests, both individual and groups. This hostel is Draggo. All the information You can find here: It is situated in the Old Town, 2 minutes from the Main Square and 25 minutes to the Main train and bus station by foot. We can also get there by communal transport.

Reservation and transport

When we have a general plan of our trip, we should call to the institutions where we wish to visit. We should make a reservation if possible (some reserve only for the groups). Pay for the tickets and check the best way of transport, but bear in mind that the centre of Krakow is not suitable for cars (high traffic and expensive parking).

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